Divorce in an improving economy

By astracom
In December 7, 2014
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An improving economy may facilitate the divorce process for many people. For seven years, we have been recovering from the Great Recession. The recovery itself has been grueling, with many false starts and retreats. It now appears that the economy may finally be gaining real momentum.

According to figures just released by the Labor Department, November 2014, which saw the addition of 321,000 jobs (more than 100,000 more than expected), was the tenth straight month in which more than 200,000 jobs were added to the economy. Significantly, these figures are seasonally adjusted, and reflect job growth across a spectrum of low and high paying industries.

In any economy, the fundamental financial challenge of marital dissolution cases is to solve the puzzle of disentangling the spouses’ financial affairs, so that one household can make an orderly and fair transition, and become two households.

During the recession and its aftermath, this challenge has been intensified by the fact that, during the pendency of a dissolution case, and sometimes afterward, many spouses simply cannot afford to live separately, or perceive that they cannot, at least in the style of living to which they’ve become accustomed.

Although the legal process can still proceed, I’m not a fan of spouses continuing to live together after the marriage has irretrievably broken down. Sometimes it’s necessary, but continued cohabitation usually increases the level of conflict or quiet desperation.

Delaying the process of obtaining a marital dissolution is, I think, even worse. In the bad old days, couples often stayed together “for the children”. I suspect that, in the last few years, staying together “for the checkbook” has become endemic. An improving economy can only help.

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