“What is flat fee divorce mediation?”

We agree upon a single, fixed fee that covers all of the basic services performed by myself as attorney-mediator, including drafting all pleadings, arranging for service, filing all court documents, meeting with both spouses for a specific amount of time (agreed to in advance), identifying all points of agreement, mediating all points of disagreement, preparing a detailed separation agreement which will define their legal rights and responsibilities following the divorce, and appearing in court to present the separation agreement for court approval. Flat Fee Divorce Mediation is designed to simplify the process of getting divorced as much as possible, and make it as economical as possible.

“What if there are unresolved issues when the fixed amount of time for mediation expires?”

Simple. You have the option to purchase additional mediation time on a “pay as you go” basis. This structure is designed to encourage both spouses to engage in serious discussion and resolve their issues quickly.

“Is flat fee divorce mediation for everyone?”

No. If there is high spousal conflict, or if the issues are complex, you may be better suited for more extensive mediation, or an adversarial dissolution proceeding, both of which I would be happy to assist you with.

“This is not your traditional way of getting divorced, is it?”

No. The adversarial model (where both spouses have their own lawyers), and more extensive forms of mediation are more traditional, and also provide opportunities for amicable settlement. But I happen to believe that people are increasingly interested in solving their divorce issues quickly and amicably, and getting on with their lives while, of course, having a high level of comfort that they completely understand their agreement, and that there are no unknown pitfalls. If that describes you, then flat fee divorce mediation may be for you.

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