Limited Scope Representation as an Alternative


On January 6, 2014, Connecticut began a pilot program which allows “limited scope representation” in family cases.

Under the existing rules, a lawyer who files an appearance for a client normally maintains that appearance, and all the responsibilities that go with it, until all of the issues in the case are resolved.

Under the new program, lawyers and clients may agree on representation for a specific part of a family case. Once that phase of the case is completed, the lawyer files a “certificate of completion” with the court, and has no further responsibilities to the client. The attorney and client can contract for representation in other phases of the same case if they wish.

Such an arrangement allows certain clients access to legal representation they could otherwise not afford.

What Kinds of Issues Is Limited Scope Representation Best Suited For?

Limited Scope Representation is brand new. The most optimal applications for it will be worked out over time. At this point, it appears that such representation may be ideal for post-judgment matters that involve discrete issues that can normally be resolved fairly quickly- for example, motions to modify child support or alimony, or motions for contempt. Limited scope representation may also be useful for pendente lite motions seeking temporary orders prior to the final resolution of the case.

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