Divorce Mediation as an Alternative


As an alternative to the traditional “adversarial” divorce, we also take great pride in helping divorcing couples resolve their issues through mediation. The attorney-mediator is a neutral party and uses a step-by-step process that is designed to address the concerns of both spouses, and to fully inform both about the issues in their case, including those that may arise in the future. Our mediation process is flexible enough to adapt to each individual case.

If you are facing the end of your marriage and are concerned about the toll that litigation may take, we can help you seek out alternatives. Contact our Connecticut alternative dispute resolution lawyer online or call 860-956-5671 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions about the divorce mediation process:

What Kinds of Divorce Issues Can Be Successfully Mediated?
Any and all issues that arise in a divorce case can be mediated, regardless of whether the spouses’ interpersonal and financial situations are simple or complex. There are only two prerequisites: i) that both spouses accept that divorce is inevitable; and ii) that both spouses are willing to commit to sitting down with the attorney-mediator to work out the issues in their case in a civil fashion.

Is Mediation Less Stressful?
Generally, yes. And, where children are involved, it is important that mom and dad are amicably resolving their differences.

Is Mediation Less Expensive?
Mediation is usually less expensive than an adversarial divorce. And, the spouses can agree to split the costs.

Will I Be Left on My Own to Navigate the Court System?
No. Although you will be appearing “pro se” (for yourself) in your divorce case, the attorney-mediator will prepare all necessary papers for filing with the court. Also, all Connecticut courts allow and encourage attorney-mediators to appear in court to explain the agreement that results from the mediation, which will form the basis for the dissolution judgment. So, we will be with you every step of the way.

Free Consultation With a Simsbury Area Family Law Mediator
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