“I’ll Do Everything I Can To Make Your Divorce As Fast and As Painless As Possible.”

Today’s busy lifestyles make it increasingly desirable to avoid getting bogged down in the divorce process. I’m proud to present a new service designed to get your Connecticut divorce over with as quickly as possible.

I’ve developed an expedited format for divorce mediation which includes everything needed. I handle all court filings, mediate all issues, and appear in court with you to present the resulting agreement to the judge.

Nothing is given short-shrift. All issues are fully and clearly explained, with the goal of reaching a voluntary and fair agreement in a minimum amount of time.

The base fee is all inclusive, to help you reliably anticipate what the entire process will cost, and give both parties the incentive to work together to keep that cost reasonable and predictable.

Flat fee divorce mediation is not for everyone; but to see if it suits you, please call me, Attorney Edward P. Jurkiewicz at (860) 299-6263.


Hartford area bankruptcy attorney and divorce lawyer Edward P. Jurkiewicz has over 20 years of experience representing clients. Our firm represents debtors and creditors and handles both relatively simple divorces and bankruptcies and more complex litigation matters. With this depth of experience, our firm is able to anticipate and prepare for any potential issues that could arise in your bankruptcy, divorce or family matter.

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