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“I highly recommend Attorney Edward Jurkiewicz for anyone seeking legal counsel for divorce. Attorney Jurkiewicz was a strong advocate for my needs and I was very pleased by his professionalism, conscientiousness, and prompt responses to my questions and concerns. The case was exceedingly contentious due to my extremely adversarial ex-husband, and therefore, required a very strategic approach. When Attorney Jurkiewicz took me on as a client, he was meticulous in ensuring he understood the case and was able to craft thoroughly researched, well-written, and persuasive motions and memorandums to execute on our strategy almost flawlessly; this was instrumental in saving me the expense of a trial. The opposing party had roadblocks thrown up multiple times; each time, Attorney Jurkiewicz assessed the situation and determined a new approach to obtain the final outcome I wanted. he was always honest in evaluating both the advantages and risks of our strategy and provided his recommendations, but ultimately let me choose the next course of action. I was particularly impressed that Attorney Jurkiewicz was not interested in increasing his financial gain from the proceedings and attempted to find the most economical and expeditious manner in which to settle the case. I recommend Attorney Jurkiewicz to anyone seeking an exceptionally talented divorce attorney with an outstanding expertise in family law.”

“I’ve finally been able to build my life and move on to so much better things thanks to your support through my divorce phase.”

“thank you for being by my side during the worst moments of my life! Thank you!”

“Thanks again for all your hard work and expertise.”

“Thanks for an outstanding day! you were prepared for everything and anything… I sincerely appreciate all of your talent, hard work and professionalism.”

“Thank you! You’re the best.”

“Your coaching and suggestions…helped change the agreement for the better [and] gave me confidence not to give in on some issues.”

“Well, I can say that your work has paid off, we truly expected this to take more time and effort… We really do appreciate how you have helped us.”

“I appreciate your ability to navigate the litigation process wisely, patiently, and professionally.”

“Thank you for your help, this has been a smooth, simple process. Much simpler than we had expected.”

“I appreciate your dedication.”

“We were very pleased with your professionalism and your personal attention to [the] situation.”

“Thank you very much for your quick response. I am so grateful to have met you, you are the best!”

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Hartford area bankruptcy attorney and divorce lawyer Edward P. Jurkiewicz has over 20 years of experience representing clients. Our firm represents debtors and creditors and handles both relatively simple divorces and bankruptcies and more complex litigation matters. With this depth of experience, our firm is able to anticipate and prepare for any potential issues that could arise in your bankruptcy, divorce or family matter.

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